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Listed below are
11 Free-to-Air Christian TV Stations
24 hours a day - 7 Days a week


3ABN - Three Angels Broadcasting Network
Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) is the "Mending Broken People Network," a 24-hour Christian television and radio network. 3ABN’s focus is to present programming which will reach people right where they are hurting. 3ABN offers divorce recovery programs, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, cooking and health programs, stop smoking and weight loss, programs that deal with children and family issues, organic gardening, natural home remedies, gospel music programs, as well as a variety of inspirational themes from the Bible for children and adults.

Today, surrounded by the rolling farmland of Southern Illinois, 3ABN beams its television and radio programming to eight satellites which carry it to every inhabited continent. 3ABN is the second largest Christian network in North America (in regard to numbers of owned and operated UHF stations). 3ABN's "down-home" approach and the absence of large fundraising efforts or telethons holds a special appeal for its viewers.

3ABN is not owned, operated or funded by any church, denomination or organization, so people from all cultures and backgrounds appreciate 3ABN programming. Many of 3ABN's employees and volunteers are members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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The Hope Channel
Hope Channel is a family friendly television network that spans the globe. Our world headquarters is located just outside of Washington, D.C. in Silver Spring, Maryland USA. We also have several offices, television studios and uplink centers in places such as Brazil, Germany, South Africa, and California USA.

Our global network broadcasts to every inhabited continent via satellite and is widely re-distributed by terrestrial rebroadcast, cable, internet and direct-to-home TV.

Hope Channel programming appeals to people of different nationalities and languages. Since our 40 studios are located in the countries where we broadcast, we are able to provide a rich variety of culturally relevant programs that appeal to all ages.

Viewers of our many channels appreciate the positive programs. As a spiritual values network, shows are considered for broadcast if the content will improve our viewers' relationships, health, careers, intellectual knowledge, and spiritual well-being. 

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Daystar Television Network
Daystar Television Network has a singular goal; to reach souls with the good news of Jesus Christ. We seek out every available means of distribution to a world in need of hope. With an extensive blend of interdenominational and multi-cultural programming, Daystar is committed to producing and providing quality television that will reach our viewers, refresh their lives, and renew their hearts.
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TBN - Trinity Broadcasting Network
TBN is the world’s largest religious network and America’s most watched faith channel.  TBN offers 24 hours of commercial-free inspirational programming that appeal to people in a wide variety of Protestant, Catholic and Messianic Jewish denominations.

WORSHIP & PRAISE: Through TBN, viewers can attend services at America’s most dynamic churches!

VARIETY: TBN’s popular PRAISE THE LORD program continues to inspire millions of viewers with faith-based interviews and testimonials from well-known ministers, celebrities and sports figures.

MOVIES: TBN’s original theatrical released movies, OMEGA CODE, THE CHAMPION, MEGIDDO and many other movies bring excitement and adventure exclusively on TBN.

NEWS & WORLD EVENTS: In a world filled with wars, disasters, plagues, and political turmoil TBN helps viewers understand major world events.

HEALTH: Medical doctors are featured on several popular weekly programs on TBN that teach Biblical concepts about nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

MUSIC: TBN sizzles with contemporary Christian music! There’s music for all ages with styles ranging from Southern Gospel music to today’s hottest contemporary Christian singers.

TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS: From muscle men to hot music videos, TBN gives young viewers Christian programming that speaks their language.

CHILDREN: Parents trust their children watching TBN. TBN’s children’s programs instill moral values in honesty, diligence, respect, and patriotic pride.

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The God Channel
Mission Statement
With a servant's heart we will equip His Body to reach the lost through media. This ministry exists to enable every television household to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they may believe in Him, call upon His name, and be saved.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to recognise, source, create, package and present world class anointed, prophetic, supernatural content in a spirit of excellence across the globe into every nation, reconciling man, woman and child with God by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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The Church Channel
The Church Channel is a multi-denominational religious network that will feature church service programs 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
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JCTV is a Christian youth network designed for the 13-30 age group. What makes JCTV different is that while most television networks are profit driven, meaning that they need to get something out of their viewers regardless of the social or emotional impact on their lives, JCTV wants to put back into the lives of our viewers by giving them programming that is not only entertaining but also builds up the viewer both individually and together as a community.

JCTV does this thru multiple types of programming from music videos with positive messages, to issue driven talk shows that equips viewers with tools to resolve issues in ones life. Also, action sports programming that highlights athletes that are making a difference in others lives, plus live events, concerts and much, much more.

JCTV is about promoting community, not forcing anything on anyone or discriminating against people with different back grounds or religions, we hope to love everybody, especially those from different back grounds and cultures. Our hope is to be a light by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, which is that God loves you and that He has a plan for your life: plans for good not bad to give you a hope and a future! This is something that we at JCTV are grateful to have experienced first hand thru the grace and kindness of God and the community of Christians who mercifully, although not always perfectly, follow God’s plan for their lives.

JCTV Programming:
Much of JCTV’s programming is music driven with solid blocks of straight music videos, top 10 music video count down shows, music video shows that feature interviews with many of today’s top artist - and specials concert performances from some of today’s top concerts and festivals. However, we have a lot more than just music programming like:

Action sports

Live events, festivals, special, and award shows


Variety shows

Reality series

Sketch and stand up comedy shows

Issue driven talk shows…and more!

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Smile of a Child TV
Smile of a Child TV will offer quality Christian Children's programming 24 hours per day. This new and innovative network is all about helping children develop positive social and spiritual skills at a young age. It will bring the best moral and biblical teachings to children through fun and constructive television.

Parents can rest assured that Smile of a Child will be completely free of the violence and crude humor that unfortunately has crept into many of today's children's show.

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Inspiration Network International
Inspiration Network International (INI) is one of four networks owned by The Inspiration Networks. INI serves 103 nations throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand and features a unique blend of programming from the United States and Europe for the entire family.

Launched in 2005, INI is distributed through seven cable systems and three strategic direct-to-home (DTH) satellites. Today INI reaches more than 71 million households. In addition, INI can be viewed anywhere in the world through broadband internet IPTV.

• INI is a distinct, uniquely-formatted Pan-European Network, not a simulcast of INSP.
• INI serves 71 million households in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
• INI features locally-originating programs and regional hosts.
• INI provides a unique blend of ministry programs from the U.S. and Europe.

• INI features locally originating programs and regionally based hosts to enhance ministry, promotion and appeal.
• INI programming targets adults, teens and children.
• Approximately 50 percent of INI’s schedule is original and exclusive programming.
• INI includes inspirational entertainment programming produced by The Inspiration Networks, exclusive ministry programs and

European ministry programs including:
• Inspiration Today – An original magazine program hosted by David and Barbara Cerullo bringing a fresh message of hope and encouragement. Plus live music, guests and audience interaction.

• Steelroots – This original series provides an inspirational look into the lives of young people today, with a focus on skateboarding, BMX, and other extreme sports. Hosted by Ben Cerullo.

• The Uprising – Another INI exclusive, The Uprising follows the lives of pro skateboarders Jay Haizlip, Christian Hosoi and Brian Sumner as they comb skate parks, backyards and other cool hangouts, sharing their unique faith.

• A Muslim Journey to Hope – An evangelistic outreach, each episode contains a testimony of someone who has converted from Islam to Christianity.

• Edges – Hosted by Mal Fletcher, this is a documentary series examining contemporary issues that impact the Christian faith.

• Thunder Road – A groundbreaking reality series following Ben Cerullo to some of the world’s most overlooked, under-served regions, featuring real-life testimonies.

• Maximise Life – Cutting across cultural and denominational barriers, Dr. Tayo Adeyemi

• Order My Steps – Hosted by Bishop John Francis, Order My Steps is one of Europe’s most popular teaching ministry programs.

• Discovery Jones Expeditions – In this original series, Discovery Jones takes kids on adventures to exotic locations around the world. A fast-paced educational half-hour for kids ages 4-10.

• Children’s Heroes of the Bible – This wonderful program introduces children to the great people, events, teachings and stories of the Old and New Testaments. Designed with a child’s viewing habits in mind, these animated programs do not introduce magic or inventions, but deal only with the Biblical stories and are based squarely on Scripture.

• Bed Bug Bible Gang – Gentle, lovable Bedbugs sing songs and teach children stories with humor and insight.

• And more!

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EWTN - Eternal Word Television Network
When Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) was launched on August 15, 1981, many felt there would be little demand for a Catholic network. Now, in its 27th year, EWTN has become the largest religious media network in the world, transmitting programming 24 hours a day to more than 148 million homes in 140 countries and territories on more than 4,800 cable systems, wireless cable, Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS), low power TV and individual satellite users.

In the early 1960s, Mother M. Angelica, a Poor Clare nun, cloistered and dedicated to the perpetual Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, fulfilling a promise made to our Lord, founded Our Lady of Angels Monastery in Irondale, Alabama, in the Deep South. In one of her early evangelizing efforts Mother Angelica began writing "mini-books", short teachings on a variety of religious themes. As the popularity of these "mini-books" grew, her nuns obtained a printing press and started duplicating and distributing them worldwide.

Soon, Mother began receiving requests for speaking engagements, evolving into a video series of her talks taped at a local Birmingham television station. The Poor Clare nun, who knew little of the world of technology and communication, then built her own TV studio on monastery property in Irondale, which today is home to Eternal Word Television Network. What began 24 years ago as a garage-turned-TV-studio is now a state of the art audiovisual complex funded totally by gifts from individuals and groups and visited annually by thousands of pilgrims.

EWTN Global Catholic Network airs family and religious programming from a Catholic point of view in English and Spanish. Providing more than 80% original programming, EWTN offers inspiring talk shows, entertaining children's animation, exclusive teaching series, live coverage of Church events, and thought-provoking documentaries.

Beyond the broadcast vision, however, first and foremost, the spiritual heart of the EWTN mission is to bring the Eternal Word of Jesus Christ to all. The religious centers of the network are visited daily by pilgrims who travel to Irondale to worship in the chapel or visit the breathtakingly beautiful Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama. Visitors of all faiths are invited to "come away by yourself to a quiet place, and rest awhile" (Mark 6:31) and to pray before the Most Blessed Sacrament, adored and loved perpetually by the cloistered nuns now living at Our Lady of Angels Monastery in Hanceville or by the faithful in Irondale.

Without making plans for the future, Mother Angelica, relying completely on Divine Providence, believes in going "where God opens the door." It is that deep and constant faith in the Lord, which has called Mother Angelica to act on God's invitation to do the impossible, through Him, who accomplishes the miraculous.

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AON - Apostolic Oneness Network
The Apostolic Oneness Network was founded by the Presiding Bishop Jeremiah Reed Presider of the Christ Apostolic Temple, Inc. Fellowship (CATIF). The vision that God gave to Presiding Bishop Jeremiah Reed was to provide a television network established exclusively to enable the Apostolic ministry to preach the Apostolic doctrine in the fullness fo truth.

Our goal is to uphold the teachings of Jesus Christ and his apostles, because only Jesus died to take away the sins of the world.

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