Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Glenvale Seventh-day Adventist Church and Community Centre




Our church caters for children each week by providing Sabbath School classes for several age groups:

The weekly children's Sabbath School (Bible study) classes each week include songs, crafts, quizzes, games and Bible stories.
Children join their parents during the church service where there will be a children's story for them.


Pathfinders is a program similar to Scouts, is designed for 10-16-year-olds  to socialise with each other as well as learn and develop life skills. The program is conducted by qualified and committed leaders of the church. Pathfinders participate in a range of activities, including:

  • rock climbing
  • canoeing
  • camping and hiking
  • crafts

They also learn to develop important life values such as teamwork, commitment and self-respect.
Honour badges can be earned for completing requirements on specific topics in the areas or nature, craft and recreation, and at the end of each year Pathfinder clubs present awards to Pathfinders for achievement of various skills.