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Adult Sabbath School

Adult Sabbath School


At Glenvale Adult Sabbath School we want class time to be one of the most enjoyable aspects to your Sabbath experience.  We believe that Sabbath School is about Mission, Studying the Word and Encouraging One another in the Faith.  We aim for holistic Sabbath School small classes.

The classes do not just discuss the Bible. The message of the Bible passage is applied to the daily life and experience of each class member and guest, and is geared to meeting their needs in a holistic way.

Clearly, when people come to the small class they have much more on their minds than Bible study. They bring with them many of the varied concerns and struggles of daily life. Although the Sabbath School small class is not primarily intended to be a problem solving or advice giving session, part of class life includes the opportunity to share with supportive friends, and to discover how to draw upon God's strength for daily living.

There are many types of small groups each focused upon a particular task. A wider range of personal needs can be met in a holistic small class setting than in other larger classes or meetings.

A Sabbath School small class is a ministry in the truest sense of the word. Friends engaging in ministering to one another in a non-threatening environment, and who takes seriously God's will for each individual life."

"The Sabbath School should be one of the greatest instrumentalities and the most effectual, in bringing souls to Christ."
Ellen G. White, Cousels on Sabbath School Work, p 10.